Designing and constructing
systems and equipment for
the steel industry

Our Company

Thermomelt is a company which is based in Pian Camuno in the province of Brescia. We have many years of experience in the field of design, construction and turnkey delivery of systems and equipment for the steel industry. Our company is especially skilled in constructing electric arc furnaces EAF-EBT and LF. These furnaces are advanced technological solutions and are the ideal devices for carrying out manufacturing operations on all types of steel – from standard steel to alloy and stainless steel.

Our Products

EAF-EBT electric arc furnaces

Our furnaces are the most advanced solution in terms of resistance, simplicity and reliability.

Fume extraction systems for steel manufacturers

Full compliance with strict environmental regulations has become a determining factor in designing and constructing systems for treating and clearing fumes from EAF furnaces.

Secondary metalworking plants

Competitive and quality production is unthinkable today without secondary metallurgy solutions.

Steel plants

Thermomelt is able to design, build and install custom-made steel systems based on customer specifications.

Continuous casting for producing billets

Thermomelt designs and builds continuous casting turnkey systems. The main focus of our systems is to continuously produce billets.

Scheduled maintenance cycles

Over the years Thermomelt has greatly expanded its range of action reaching full operativity all over the world. Regarding the realization, maintenance and control of plants and equipment for the iron and steel industry, our company in Pian Camuno combines a long and prestigious experience with continuous research in the field, with the aim of improving and perfecting its offer and adapting it to technological innovations that closely affect our professional sector.


Electric steel mill – quality solutions at low cost

Years of success have helped Thermomelt become a leading company when it comes to constructing systems and equipment within the steel industry, with particular emphasis being placed on the electric steel mill. All the components and devices which are supplied by our company are made to be durable over time and have reduced maintenance costs. We are ready and at your disposal to give detailed and free quotes, as well as providing you with sound and qualified advice.

What do we do

Ferroalloy systems

Systems which add ferroalloys and general raw materials, with groups for loading, ensiling, extracting and transporting general solid bulk materials is an additional installation to the EAF furnace

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